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Facilities Overview

Laibe Campus
Laibe Corporation's Manufacturing, Service and Sales facilities are located on a 12 acre campus setting just outside downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. All the buildings are similar in design and appearance, are distinctly marked with signage and stately awnings and are well maintained. It is at this central location where the VERSA-DRILL brand of drilling rigs are engineered and manufactured.

Corporate Offices
The Corporate Offices are located in the center of the Manufacturing, Service and Sales campus. It also houses the Laibe Engineering and Design offices where 3-D solid modeling systems play an integral role in keeping the VERSA-DRILL brand at the forefront of product innovation.

Paint Department
Laibe Corporation's VERSA-DRILL brand has become widely recognized for their brilliant red color and is just one of many reasons they stand out from any competition. Their Paint Department has a 5 step process for ensuring their products stand the test of time in the field, whether it comes out VERSA-DRILL Red or a custom color specified by a customer.

Production & Parts
Laibe Corporation has 12 oversized production bays where the various stages of custom manufacturing and assembly of the VERSA-DRILL brand is performed. Strategically positioned alongside the production bays is a state-of-the-art Parts Department which stocks ample inventory of all common and unique parts to ensure the reputation of the VERSA-DRILL brand keeps on performing.

Service & Accounting
The Laibe Corporation Service Department and testing facility is dedicated to the timely repair and maintenance of their customer's hardworking, field tested rigs. Building the industries most advanced and technically superior rigs is only part of the Laibe VERSA-DRILL brand success story. The other part is a superior Service Department standing ready to perform at a moment's notice.
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